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According to the dictionary, a Boudoir (boo-dwahr) is a woman’s private sitting room, which was attached to her bed chambers. The term is now commonly used to refer to a style of photography and a style of furniture. Well, we don’t sell furniture. We are here to tell you about the style of photography. For many years, the boudoir style was used to create sensuous images that a lady would give to her husband or significant other as a gift. Brides-to-be often give a boudoir gift book to their grooms on their wedding day. The clothing, lighting and posing is designed to flatter you and emphasize your sexy side.

Ardmore Custom Photography, in Howell, New Jersey, has been creating beautiful boudoir images for over sixteen years.  

We photograph primarily in our studio but can go to your home if you like. Our photography team consists of Richard, the photographer, his wife, Estee, or assistant, Kristine, to help you with your posing and clothing. Are you curious about creating your images for yourself or your lover? Click on contact us. We would love to talk with you.

Below, we have provided some helpful hints to make your images the best they can be.

Have a drink to relax?  While some of our clients have let us know that a glass of wine would help them relax, it can cause blood veins in your skin and eyes to become more prominent. How about if we put on some of your favorite music instead, maybe bring a friend to laugh with.

What should I wear?  For the session itself, we often do several wardrobe changes. What you wear may depend on the type of images you want to give as a gift. Most sessions include lingerie and many like to include clothing that represents their lover’s interests, from sports teams to car or motorcycle clothing. Just remember that shoes are also a part of the wardrobe and you should have shoes to match each outfit. We’ll discuss this in detail and give you a suggestion list at the pre-session consultation.

When do I get my photographs?  Normally, we will have previews ready for you to view in about a week. Your images will be viewed on the big projection screen in our studio. From there, once you select the final images for touch up, editing and printing, it takes 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the images and types of products you order.

Can  I do my own hair and makeup? Sure. If you are very skilled at it, please feel free. Otherwise, we strongly recommend hiring a professional makeup artist. It is totally up to you. Remember, the makeup for boudoir, and photography in general, may not be the same as what you would do for the office or a night on the town. 

Are my pictures going to show up here on your web site? No. Your images will be available only to you. The images we have used on this site are from ladies who have given us specific permission to use the images we took of them. We respect your privacy and would never use your images without your permission. Of course, if you are proud of an image and would like it displayed here as part of our work, we would be honored to add it to our slide shows.

Do I have to be naked? Absolutely not. (actually, my wife won’t permit it, but you can get pretty close if you want).  Everyone has her own tastes. We are firm believers in leaving something to the imagination! Often, the most intense images are not the most explicit, but rather those that use lighting, shadows, clothing, or props to create a sense of sensual mystery. 

I am nervous, can I bring a friend? Of course! The process of posing for your boudoir images is supposed to be fun and relaxing! We want you comfortable and relaxed for your images; if a friend can help you with that bring her along!

I’m not sure I’m comfortable being photographed by a man.  Richard has been doing boudoir photography for almost 20 years. He has spent a good deal of that time with his back turned as clothing and poses are adjusted by Estee and Kristine. Everyone (not exaggerating) has said she was comfortable and had a good time.  Consider too, that a man has a better idea of what poses and lighting will please another man.  If you still would prefer a woman, we can have Kristine photograph your session.

I need to lose a few pounds first. No you don’t. You are beautiful just the way you are. If there is a particular area of your body that you are concerned about, tell us. We specialize in assisting with posing, lighting and angles to help with any area that you may not want to accentuate. 

Will you help me plan my clothing and props?  Yes! A planning consultation is essential for a successful and comfortable session. We will discuss your outfits, color preferences and show you some of our previous sessions to get a feel of the style you prefer.